PCA accreditation

Ordering of the Calibration

General information

The Laboratory provides all necessary forms in PDF format.
Required forms must be completed electronically or manually (white fields are filled by the Ordering Side, gray fields are filled by the Laboratory).
Forms should be stamped and signed (in the absence of a stamp a legible signature should be submitted).
Forms should be sent by the post, delivered in person or sent with scans along with signatures via e-mail.

Ordering of the calibration

To make a calibration order You must:
  • set calibration points for each range and write them on the Range of Calibration Form (PL-4.7.1_4).
  • send an inquiry with enclosed form PL-4.7.1_4.
In case of acceptance of sent offer:
  • complete and sign the Order of Arrangement (PL-4.4.1_1), received with the offer,
  • fill out the External Order Form (PL-4.7.1_3) to which the general rules for accepting the order are attached,
  • determine whether a manual is required for a given measuring instrument, if so it must be attached to the order,
  • provide the instrument in accordance with the arrangements, together with the completed forms PL-4.4.1_1, PL-4.7.1_3.