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Customer service

General provisions

Customer service is one of the core tasks of the Laboratory. The Laboratory is ready to cooperate with the customer to understand its expectations and gain feedback for improving its quality of service. The competence of employees build confidence in the customer to the Laboratory. The management system used ensures that every customer’s question is answered comprehensively.

Customer service

The Laboratory has developed and applies an internal procedure that defines the basic rules that apply to employees in dealing with clients. The procedure applies to contacts arising from:
  • general inquiries and offers,
  • accepting and setting delivery terms,
  • order execution,
  • presentation of the results of the work,
  • use of the results of Laboratory work by the customer,
  • advertising and marketing activities,
  • obtaining feedback on the quality of the service performed, the suitability of the received product, the compliance of service with the contact.
The Laboratory during the contacts with customer is trying to get feedback about the product and service received. The information obtained is recorded and analyzed at the meetings and reviews of the management system. They are the basis for further improvement.

Order forms are used for the developed services. These forms, when signed by the parties, are binding on them under conditions specified in the order.

The above information is provided to the client in the form of an extract from the procedures. They are also available on our website and the Laboratory presentations. Having the above information approved for use by the Laboratory facilitates the provision of competent responses and guidance.


Complaints are an important source of information to assess the quality of the service provided and to work with clients and other parties. The internal procedure includes policies for receiving, processing and handling complaints form customers or other parties.

The Management of the Laboratory is obliged to allow interested parties to lodge a complaint about the Laboratory’s work and to ensure that each complaint will be dealt with and the complainant informed of how to handle it. The information about the possibility of folding a complaint is included in service agreements. Complaints should be directed to the Head of the Laboratory by the phone (+48 694 423 951) or through the contact form.

Complaints can provide very important information for improving management systems, including:
  • deviations from quality policy,
  • compliance of services performed with the contract,
  • correct use of obligatory procedures and instructions,
  • guided supervision of the entrusted object of tests or calibrations,
  • competence and behavior of employees Laboratory towards clients,
  • applying the applicable law.
Each reported oral or written complaint is recorded and analyzed and the applicant is informed in writing of the decisions taken.

In the case of recognized complaints enforcement actions shall be taken in accordance with concluded contracts and applicable law and all costs incurred shall be borne by the Laboratory. In disputes, the complaint is forwarded to the Management Board's office for legal advice.

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