PCA accreditation


General provisions

The laboratory has measuring equipment that meets the required specifications for carrying out declared tests and calibrations. The surveillance system ensures that the measuring equipment is properly inspected at the right time and measures are taken to ensure that the equipment meets the requirements.

Determining the interval between calibrations

The laboratory uses the following guidelines for determining the period between measuring equipment calibrations:
  • impact of the construction on the stability of the measure,
  • manufacturer's recommendations,
  • scope and intensity of use,
  • trends derived from calibrations,
  • checking stability with control cards,
  • results of internal calibrations,
  • expected accuracy of measurement,
  • sanctions resulting from the use of improper equipment.

Determining appropriate time intervals between calibrations while using the technical means of checking on-the-spot conformity of equipment with requirements and periodic inspections is an important measure to reduce the cost of maintaining the Laboratory.

Division of the measuring equipment

Equipment used was divided into:
  • MK - control meters serving as benchmark references,
  • MU - usable meters,
  • W - indicators,
  • STB - research stations,
  • WP - auxiliary equipment for the research conducted,
  • OP - software.

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