PCA accreditation

Laboratory management system

Policy and objectives of the management system

Laboratory management is committed to implementing and maintaining a proper management system for the scope of its activities. The Laboratory has its policy, management system, procedures and instructions.

The Laboratory recognizes the need to provide high quality metrology services that benefit customers and their satisfaction with respect to aspects of human safety ant the protection of the human environment.

The management system policy, including the quality declaration is set out in the Laboratory Book of Quality.

The Laboratory management assure that:
  • the scope of the responsibilities and competence of persons responsible for directing the work of the Laboratory and other employees in the Laboratory is regulated;
  • the obligations arising from concluded contracts, standards, specific technical and safety requirements are fulfilled;
  • the needs and interests of our costumers are taken into account;
  • the validation of the tests and calibration documentation is used in the Laboratory, and the results are recorded correctly in a full scope, and then thoroughly presented in the reports and certificates;
  • sensitive cells are detected and corrected in our management system and technical activities so as to prevent errors and shortcomings;
  • the course of all tests and calibrations can be reproduced at a certain time;
  • all important documents, tested, calibrated facilities and Laboratory equipment are properly supervised, stored and transported;
  • any action affecting our performance is subject to internal audits by competent persons and if possible persons unrelated to the audited area;

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