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Electromagnetic compatibility testing
EMC tests

EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility - means: do not disturb and be resistant to disturbances in the environment in which you work.

Performed Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests (EMC)

The Laboratory performs EMC testing to meet the essential requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (immunity to continuous and transient disturbances and emission tests for radio-frequency disturbances).

The above EMC tests are performed for the following products:
  • medical electrical and electronic,
  • medical electrical systems,
  • universal use, electrical and electronic tools,
  • computer electronic and electrical,
  • residential, commercial and slightly industrial environment,
  • industrial environment,
  • others whose test values can be reached by the measuring equipment.

The purpose of electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC)

The purpose of the study is to confirm compliance with the relevant EU directives and harmonized standards. The positive results of these tests are the basis for the CE declaration of conformity and marking of the product which is authorized in the EU.

The test reports issued have the ILAC-MRA mark, which means they are recognized in Europe and the world.

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