PCA accreditation

The Laboratory's quality policy

Laboratory management confirms full responsibility for the operation, development and continuous improvement of the management system.

Laboratory management is committed to:

  • Maintain compliance with EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017.
  • Tests and calibrations performed by competent personnel in an impartial, reliable, objective and timely manner in accordance with established methods and customer requirements.
  • The application of confidentiality rules by all Laboratory personnel, together with persons working on behalf of the Laboratory, with respect to all information obtained or generated in the course of laboratory operations.
  • Familiarizing the staff with the documentation of the management system, obliging them to use the applicable policies and procedures in their work and to ensure the consistency of the Laboratory's operation.
  • Apply confidentiality policy.
  • Caring for customer property.
  • Supervising equipment to ensure that the equipment in use is functional and required metrological characteristics are met and provides the required accuracy and/or uncertainty of measurement necessary to obtain a valid result.
  • Use only suitable externally supplied products and services that affect laboratory practice.
  • Use the rules of good habits in dealing with customers.
  • Fulfill the tasks of environmental policy.
  • Ensure that the integrity of the management system will be maintained during planning and implementing changes to the management system.