PCA accreditation

The Laboratory's quality policy

Laboratory management confirms full responsibility for the operation, development and continuous improvement of the management system.

Laboratory management is committed to:

  • Good professional practice and the quality of research and calibration in services provided to costumers.
  • Performing of the tests and calibrations in a timely manner, independently, reliably, objectively according to established methods and costumer requirements, ensuring that the set characteristics and values in the testing and calibration will benefit him.
  • Maintain compliance with EN ISO/IEC 17025.
  • The management system improvement.
  • Familiarize the staff with the quality documentation and oblige them to use it in work policies and procedures.
  • Apply confidentiality policy.
  • Caring for customer property.
  • Supervising equipment to ensure that the equipment in use is functional and required metrological characteristics are met.
  • Supplying with proven suppliers of goods and services.
  • Subcontracting testing and calibration only to competent laboratories.
  • Fulfill the tasks of environmental policy.
  • Use the rules of good habits in dealing with customers.
  • Achieve the objectives of the management system.
  • Ensure that the integrity of the management system will be maintained during planning and implementing changes to the management system.