PCA accreditation

Safety and essential performance tests

Basic safety - there is no unacceptable risk directly caused by physical hazards when the device is used in normal and single-failure condition.

Essential performance - action necessary to eliminate unacceptable risk (lack of such action or limitation of its scope causes unacceptable risk).

Performed basic safety and essential performance tests

Laboratory-related research examines the conformity of products with EU directives. These are studies that aim to meet essential requirements in terms of basic safety and essential performance.

Research relates to electrical and electronic equipment intended for applications:
  • medical;
  • industrial;
  • scientific;
  • households;
  • information.
The Laboratory also performs periodic testing of electrical products including medical devices to confirm their safe use.

The aim of basic safety and essential performance tests

The purpose of the above tests is to confirm compliance with the relevant EU directives and harmonized standards. The positive results of these tests are the basis for the CE declaration of conformity and marking of the product which is authorized in the EU.

The purpose of periodic tests is to confirm the conformity of metrological characteristics with requirements and to avoid the risk of electric shock.

The test reports issued have the ILAC-MRA mark, which means they are recognized in Europe and the world.

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